Relora Medicament

  Recommended use: take a small details on the tip of the fingers and massage cream every morning leading her breasts completely. Note: If, when you are breastfeeding, or are the medicines your doctor about your pregnancy, before using this product. Not exceed the recommended dose. Storage: store in a cool, dry place at 30 c (86F) and out of reach of children. Active ingredients: Pueraria mirifica summary 10%, 0.5% and 1% Trfle Sepilift Viola. Ingredients: concentrated alos cleans water Vera, lanolin, Montanov, Lcithine, to extract avoive extract, fenugreek, Palm Kohl, summaries of Butea superba, Trfle, China, wild Yam extract purple recent, extract of Muria Puama, damiana, extract, Alina, butter Sepilift, sodium hyaluronate, extract, Sepigel acid, Rtinol-A, vitamin E, Germall flowering.   How the program breast actives? Breast active (Comprims and cream) is the most powerful and natural breast development that currently. Active program of the breast Unit, because Comprims and clarification of the massage, activities that provide the essential elements for the development relora medicament of the breasts. The mix of active breast Phytothrapeutique t, developed around your body and Ractiver who develop mammary glands breast tissue around the breast in the same way as the increase in the number of Pugsley. The breasts are of Strogne Rcepteurs, Mammognse Web site, or the development of mammary glands. These Rcepteurs pages are like magnets, to win the Strogne. Breast actives have properties Strogniques, derived from plants to promote (Phytostrognes) and the growth of healthy tissue. .