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And I bet that if Kimbo is of the first battles, which loses to finish it in the ass, the show. I am very tired, try to explain why the aspect mental vs physical very badly all presented by our friend Kevin. But at least it is true, ideas, training and commissioning of the result of a struggle to play. I fully agree with the proposal of Kimbo, which is more mental than physical fighting. and there are many to be on his mind, he is a fighter and a fighter, that not everything else, fate might perhaps non-gars in MMA can mean anything. at least it is aligned, it seems enough already in this interview. However, I think that it is just too old. Since that increase significantly see sports level in sport, and this will continue. first time I hear the season heavy weight that I was happy, but now im feeling IrateNate may agree, as is. With luck, Wes Sims eye rejected by someone or something like that. Yes, everything I hate Kimbo, why say that deserves the respect that you have. But it is only a man who tries to win, you can be the best way and for his family. Tons of TUF with zero attention for little money, to experience. What has happened is not full yet, but Roy is incredible for the strength of the fat man. It will be because every KB is better that Tuff and we should not sit and see a lot of 155' ERS with Napoleonic syndrome that you are the most difficult Cup ever exercising Tuff. Also rampage-Tarpon all meat bovine thing. What's the Kimbo? It seems short as hell on this picture. Too much. Its name changed legally as Kimbo slice? I think it should go to Kevin Furguson, if he wants to make more serious. That is, that Jon Koppenhaver legally changed its name in WarMachine. and what happened to him. It's funny, because in the middle of Kimbo, based solely on the program. This means, to place the rampage vs Evans. Tho, it's great in this conversion rate. a little excited to see how it goes. So if Steve loses his first fight as they are to manipulate things, is not an alternative? Now, it was really just peoples make sense because you said someone 6 ' 3-6 5 can get a stupid man is the difference in weight of 2-inch non-conforming correctly with the. 6 ' 1195. Not lean or Siti am bashed. Has not always been crazy, it was just to point out that his statement was too interesting. does son 831, sorry, the great insult me and painfully thin like you, that someone would extend to more than 6 ' 3 220 kg on my apologies for my numb conjecture. Now people notice relora online bestellen of all shapes and sizes and very precisely the stereotypes should not weigh as much. Dojima, which only delayed. The weight which is important is not the height. May be the same as fucking Kimbo and continue until you have 220 or they are. Yurko, from what I remember, these fat fuck had nothing to do, in order to maintain. No deletion, fight not only sorted and now at home. Good to Kimbo. physical and mental fight is 100% 70%. There will be instructions in 146% sure any number. If a guy in the program is the unique qualification that won and Brock Lesnar in secondary schools, told me that to scrape the bottom of the barrel for men in the heavyweight category. Then, someone can basically 6 3-6 ' 5 in the UFC's meeting in less time that you need a degree. I hope that was a little higher, I wish it was a tyrant. Type contractor IM really new Kimbos sense of humility, in fact, it seems a fighter now. Could beat and then just on the filming of TUF, despite questions that ask him. If it is just a legend with a play on words with the desired name Scott puts the opportunity is a bad wrestler. I love it, as when Steve crosses his arms like dream accused magic Jeannie Flash. The Roys FUD (big Dick) photographer had to wait 5 minutes to stop, shake, until he could make this image. Kidding aside, it is still a victory. I hope that Roy Nelson WINS, or least enough calls to more fighting in the UFC offered, this is a man who wants to fight, but is not willing to give up beer, or large amounts of fatty foods, good man. KIMBO is in a continuum of toe Stomp, TKO had followed the roaring wet willies. the Court forms. Hey aint won. .