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: Last update may 10, 2013: I have omitted 38 120 pills, so we ended up with the bottle. This is my last update, simply because I'm constantly, being my results especially with something new, I've learned. Was my update 2 this month, but I forgot * sorry! *. Added information that I learned: Relora religiously 3 times a day as saying, do. I also setting an alarm, to take it to my cell phone at certain times of the day. If I where it began more than one month, I noticed a difference in my appetite in the first week of use. Here it is a month later and I meet no more than twice a day to eat. Sometimes, depending on what you eat, eat only once all day and be hungry for the rest of the day. What is also, that eating. a chicken Carbonara * large * by Quiznos and this is the first, what I ate all day, I'm hungry again until the next day every time when I ate. Here is another example, I eat a Nutri-Grain bar in the morning and not start up to 13 surprise feel hunger. 00 or 14 00 now if eating anything until noon. 00, sometimes, it's a vegetarian burger * not * roles and they are also good for the rest of the day. If I was hungry, as well less than half of all the cooked food. We say that it is spaghetti before Relora can have a plate to eat everything and return for seconds. Now I'm to the point that I can use only one part of the rivals what my nephew two years eat relora online canada and full of it. Me di account that was going down in pill form and concerned for the discontinuation of treatment, then returns to get the weight. I missed 3 days, to take it and my habits have remained the same. .